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MSNBC to aid London’s October Films bailout by screening fraudulent documentary

by on April 30, 2011

AMERICA’S MSNBC network is due to air a fraudulent documentary on Monday entitled Sex Slaves UK.

This is a rehash of the notorious The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Slaves by October Films, and comprises the fraudulent nonsense a film company in London comes up with to get itself out of the shit after it’s devoted months of film crew time and footage into a police anti-trafficking operation (Pentameter 2) that got precisely nowhere.

Basically, it lies its teeth out….

Pentameter 2 famously convicted ZERO persons for human trafficking as internationally defined. But just after the start of it – and nothing whatsoever to do with Pentameter 2 – a Danish client in a brothel in Plymouth UK rescued a trafficked woman, leading to the convictions of an international gang.

The facts – that a client was necessary to achieve the escape – would, of course, ruin the pitch. After all, it’s supposed to be all the fault of clients, just like the international banking crisis would never have happened if naughty people didn’t have bank accounts.

So the documentary crew skirt the facts with a bit of careful editing, and Whoopie! – another blockbuster to befuddle Joe Public and TV executives with and keep the dollars rolling in, both for the 45 NGOs dealing with the plights of 90 confirmed sex trafficking victims a year in the UK, but above all, of course, for the film company.


  1. Peter Mauley permalink

    It’s great to see this blog back on angry form – please keep up the good work.

  2. Xena permalink

    Yep. Like I said on the Pontifications post,, the UK is crying for a good spoof-you-mentary. 70% Hot Fuzz 30% Michael Moore. You could make a kickass video Stephen. You should.

  3. Xena permalink

    The clip stated explicitly that 67 people were charged with trafficking and 164 ‘victims’ were ‘rescued’. That’s not even 3/pimp, even if all 164 were in fact being pimped. What are the 406 ‘suspects’ being investigated for? Wearing booty shorts in public? Whistling at pretty women on public sidewalks? Or are the cops just harassing some massage parlour owners, looking for excuses to accuse them of human trafficking? Like always, something is very wrong with those numbers.

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