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London’s boxes of tricks guilded with Platinum Lace

by on September 29, 2010
I AM INDEBTED to Punternet’s Wanderlust for these shots of London phone boxes at the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Percy Street, which, like many others, are the focus of city deputy mayor Kit Malthouse’s anti-tart card campaign.
How thoughtful of BT – what better way to warm up pedestrians in anticipation of the joys of the ladies within than a nice full-length ad for Platinum Lace, the big new lap dance venue?   


I can’t think this is going to fill the hearts of the Harriet Harmans, Julie Bindels and Cath Elliotts of this world with joy, however, let alone the massed rank of Object activist.
Hmm. Wonder how many boxes of tart cards the Wellcome Library has managed to collect now? Ahh – 18 It was 16 when I first looked a few months ago….as for the campaign, Kit – could do better.
  1. Their hypocracy knows no boundries

  2. Peter Mauley permalink

    You haven’t lost interest in this blog have you Stephen? I hope not.

    • No Peter, but my computer is struggling at the moment and keeps holding go-slows. I’ve three or four pieces half written on Wales; on the Olympics; and on a new academic article. Also have had some family issues.

      It’s nice someone’s noticed the silence. More posts soon.

      • Peter Mauley permalink

        I look forward to reading those posts before too long then. I’m sure only a tiny percentage of those who read and appreciate your blog comment on it. You’re providing an important reference point – I have on several occasions got people to look at your blog so that they can see the damage our illiberal laws do to the lives of sex workers – and I think it has had some influence on them – do keep up the good work!

  3. I think that’s a really sexy and tasteful advert. What is wrong with lap dance venues and London Escorts advertising on phone boxes as long as it is classy in this way?

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