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by on August 20, 2009

IN THE EARLY hours of Monday morning, a man was stabbed to death in a Bradford brothel.

Police, in the form of Detective Superintendent Dave Pervin (pictured), are requesDet Sup Dave Perdin. Photo: Bradford Telegraph and Argusting any of the city’s brothel owners who may have been robbed recently to get in touch, says the Telegraph and Argus.

Sure. Well, I mean, Dave, what’s possible imprisonment for seven years, confiscation of all your income from your enterprise, the likely forced deportation of many of those working and – shortly – the closure of the building involved for three months, between friends? This is murder, for Chrissakes.

And if they come forward to aid the police, Dave, as Diana Jones did when she discovered two trafficking victims in South Wales, what’ll happen to them? Will they end up like her, living in fear as an exile from her own country in Cyprus, waiting for the long arm of the law to arrive with its arrest warrant to demand £2.6m she hasn’t got? [more on this in a later post]

Update (September 7): Dave seems to have made some progress, by the way.

(see also: Who dials 999 in a brothel?)


  1. I know this is old news and I won’t be specific in names or places.

    Recently two men attacked a brothel and splashed petrol around. A rival brotehl is seems. The girl managed to call the owner, who called 999. The police said they were not interested on the brothel but the wellfare of the women working there. So the owners made the stupid mistake and helped the police. Well as you guess they are NOW HELPING THE POLICE WITH THEIR ENQUIRIES are on bail, had all thier phones and PCs confiscated, their home searched and are now awaiting the out come. They are not even be asked to complete a statement for the attack, and nothing has been done about the attackers.

    Seems the police are taking the easy case, and hoping to make a mint with the proceeds of crime.

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